How to maintain the rotary tiller correctly?

1. Periodically check the firmness of every part of the rotary tiller, lock parts, detailed inspection of the wear of each part of the bearing, for the use of shorter parts, to be replaced in a timely manner, check fasteners and open pins and other parts, to rust, wear serious and even damaged parts to be replaced.

2. Always check the oil level height in the gearbox, especially the 10 bytes and the bearing parts of the knife shaft should be filled with butter, check the oil seal of the knife shaft is invalid, remove the cleaning and replace the oil seal.

3. In the Rotary tiller parking period should also be noted that its universal joints should be decentralized in the interior, to avoid sun exposure, will be a rotary tiller, so that the sword left the ground a certain height, for its blades also have to be regularly anti-rust treatment, external components can be used to rust-proof, non-working face part of the paint should be made up to prevent rust.