Rotary Tiller Type Introduction

1. As far as the power transmission line of the rotary tiller is concerned, it can be divided into intermediate drive and side drive. The intermediate transmission structure is simple and easy to use, but its deficiency lies in the possibility of the middle of the grass; the side drive type structure is relatively complex, but its adaptability is strong, and it has incomparable superiority for paddy Field operation.

2. According to the structure of the rotary tiller, it can be divided into circular beam type and frame type, circular-beam rotary tiller development Earlier, the technology is relatively perfect, the frame-type rotary tiller has the advantages of complex structure, strong rigidity and good stability.

3. According to the position of the rotary cutter shaft can be divided into horizontal axis (horizontal) and vertical axis type (vertical), the horizontal rotary tiller is strong in soil energy, so the work efficiency is high, it can fight for the best energy for farmers during the busy season, but the consumption of power is also great; vertical shaft type rotary tiller is suitable for rice cultivation, and it has strong soil-crushing effect on the transverse axis. But its coverage is relatively weak.

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