Several prohibitions on the operation process of trenching machine

1. Do not dig under the vacant part of the face, so there will be the danger of falling stones, and even lead to the collapse of the vacant part, resulting in accidents.
2. Do not dig too deep under the front of the machine. Otherwise, the bottom is hollowed out will cause ground collapse, causing accidents.
3. Prohibit the use of bucket to smash solid objects, such as the encounter of large stones or hard objects, should be cleared before continuing the operation.
4. It is forbidden to arrange the digging machine to be arranged at the same time in the upper and lower two excavation sections, and the excavation machine should first flatten the ground when moving in the working face and clear the obstruction in the channel.
5. It is forbidden to use the bucket oil cylinder to reach the top of the ditch-digging machine.
6. It is prohibited to use the digging ditch maneuver arm to drag his material laterally.