Development Of Ditching Machine In China

As early as the 1950s, the construction of farmland irrigation in China has been used to ditch the plough, but the research and development of other forms of ditching machine started late, and has experienced the development of the Hua-type plough opener machine, disk type ditching machine, vertical spiral ditching machine and chain type ditching machine.

Early, domestic mainly rely on the introduction of foreign products to fill the gaps in the domestic ditching machine, such as 1975, China's land reclamation system introduced the Italian Fiat flat series rotary disc ditch machine for industrial and agricultural construction; in the middle of the 80, the State introduced a small number of digging ditch machine mainly used in the drainage works However, due to technical performance and economic reasons, these ditching machines were phased out a few years later.

At present, the domestic ditching machine mainly has a Hua plow ditching machine, rotary ditching machine two categories, of which the rotary ditching machine is widely used, more products.