How To Maintain The Ditching Machine In Winter

First, in the ditching machine before use to the ditching machine for careful inspection, remember that screws and bolts hard to tighten, which will easily break;

Second, the ditching machine after use to pay attention to antifreeze, so generally require the engine throttle slow running a certain amount of time, and then the cooling is put away, in order to avoid the phenomenon of freezing;

Third, in the ditching machine to replace the lubricant must clean the oil road, or easy to bury the hidden dangers, according to the season to choose the right lubricant;

Four, winter weather is relatively dry, in the maintenance process, should pay attention to the treatment of open fire, to prevent the phenomenon of fires.

Five, winter weather is relatively cold, ditching machine driving on the snow road will cause the phenomenon of skidding machinery operators should slow speed, to prevent slippery.

The ditching machine should be placed in the position of avoiding the rain and snow invasion, which will protect the ditching machine more effectively.