How To Overcome The Tractor Shifting Teeth

1. Clutch free travel should be kept within the specified range, and pay attention to regular inspection and adjustment.

2. The clutch three separate lever and separates the bearing the clearance consistent, and conforms to the stipulation requirement.

3. From the moving disk should be flat, if there is warping, should be repaired in time.

4. The tractor with single cylinder engine, should reduce the throttle before changing gear, and then change gears after the speed is obviously reduced.

5. The tractor with multi-cylinder engine, the two-foot clutch method should be used when shifting, that is to reduce the throttle first, when the vehicle speed is lowered, the clutch pedal is pressed, the shift lever is placed in an empty gear, the clutch pedal is loosened, the throttle is increased, the speed is increased, and the clutch pedal is changed into the low gear, while the lower main and the passive gears are close to the top line. Easy meshing, no tooth-beating phenomenon.