Machine Adjustment Of Rotary Tiller

1. Right and left level adjustment. will have a rotary tiller with the first stop on the flat ground, reduce the rotary tiller, so that the blade distance from the ground 5 cm, to observe the left and right tip of the point is consistent, to ensure that the operation of the same knife shaft level, tillage deep uniform.

2. Adjust the level before and after. When the rotary tiller is reduced to the required tillage depth, the angle between the universal joint and the Rotary tiller is close to the horizontal position, if the angle of the universal joint is too large, the upper lever can be adjusted so that the rotary tiller is in the horizontal position.

3. Increase height adjustment. In Rotary tillage, the angle of the universal joint is not allowed to be greater than 10 degrees. The turn of the head is not allowed to be greater than 30 degrees, therefore, the promotion of Rotary tiller, for the use of a bit-adjusted available screws in the appropriate position of the handle twist limit.

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