Temporary Parking Matters For Micro-tillage Machines

Slack period parking often up to half a year, if improper parking method, will also damage, micro-cultivator need to temporarily park, the following methods to operate the storage: micro-tillage machine use seasonal strong.
1. The engine low-speed operation 5 minutes after the shutdown, hot machine drain oil, add new oil.
2. Remove the cylinder head cover on the refueling screw plug, add about 2 ml of oil.
3. Press the decompression start handle not to loosen, pulls the recoil to pull the rope 5-6 times, then loosens the decompression handle, slowly pulls the starting pull rope, until feels has the big resistance.
4. Remove diesel in the mailbox of diesel engine, water-cooled diesel engine should also be placed in the cooling water of the water tank.
5. Remove the sludge and weeds from the micro-tiller and the tools, and store the machine in a well-ventilated and dry place.