To Reduce The Fuel Consumption Of Rotary Tiller

1. Users should choose High-quality Oil. Some users will covet cheap, buy a lower price and quality is not very good oil, so in the rotary tiller production will be very expensive, and then cost more, in addition, oil before adding can be placed for a period of time to reduce impurities into the way to avoid fuel consumption.

2. In the use of rotary tiller, to avoid the machine overload operation. Rotary Tiller in a certain range of operations, can be relatively low fuel consumption in the case to achieve maximum efficiency, while playing the role of protection machine, but, if the rotary tiller pressure overload, will lead to increased fuel consumption.

3. Do the maintenance work of the machine. Machine maintenance is one of the ways to extend the machine, but also to reduce the consumption of one of the methods, users in the use of rotary tiller to the entire machine to clean, and the fuselage of the various parts of the maintenance, to ensure that the machine in the next operation can be very good.