Tractor Winter Have Three Fears

One fear of the body rust once a long time by the rain and snow wet, coupled with the wind and sun, the tractor body surface in the air oxygen, water vapor chemical action, resulting in rust stains spots, so the tractor to park in the dry Library (shed), and on the surface paint cover antirust paint and on the protection of oil.

The second is afraid of rubber products, such as parts aging rubber products such as tires in the sun in the ultraviolet radiation, will reduce elasticity, aging cracking, so store the tractor library (shed), can not have direct sunlight, must also use cloth occlusion.

Three fear of battery storage batteries for a long time not to discharge caused by the plate vulcanization and electrolytic liquefaction weight decline and icing, so the storage battery should be removed separate placed, the external surface can be cleaned with soapy water, and then on the electric pile coated with grease or Vaseline, every one months to carry out a supplementary charge.